Monday, November 22, 2010

My veiw

eyes are better than lips
don't fight against being yourself
do the thing that will make you happiest at that moment
be responsible for your actions
apologise when you are wrong
if some one is beautiful say it, shout it
listen to your brain before your heart
enjoy every special moment there is, cherish it
say thank you to the people who mean something to you
think about what you do
find your favourite thing to do and do it
be the nicest person you can be, be real
thank your parents and make them tea in the morning
appreciate the beauty, smells and tastes around you
play naked in the garden, embrase your body
listen to the birds, hear them sing
play with your dogs, love them like they do you
smile, always.

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About Me

i dont belive it is possible to explain myself. im complex yet very simple. The small things in life make me happy. I am a farm girl stuck in the city and i am always ready to take on new adventures.i will soon travell the world and find places no one has. This is where i will showcase all the things i have seen and places i have been.