Monday, June 13, 2011

RVCA shoot- behind the scenes

Hello friends,

This is a video from the shoot i did a couple weeks back. I will admit it was rather scary doing a video as i have never done one before.

The location for the shoot was in Hout Bay at some dilapidated site which consisted of many weird small houses jotted around the property. I have never seen a place with so many interesting things, ranging from broken down cars to barbies hanging in the trees. The longer we were there, the more weird and wonderful inhabitants we were exposed to, my personal favorite were two little kittens who followed us around the entire small holding darting up trees and attacking leaves.

I Worked with some really nice people, along with Richard Johnston who was the photographer, who i think did a pretty good job.

the clothes were breath taking and i was very tempted to grab the box and run away, never to be found but i tried to play it cool and enjoy the time that i did have in those beautiful clothes :)

thank you RVCA

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